Special Offer: If you order the article, we will make any of these article links with your ordered article for free:

Ezine Articles: (we will submit the article under one of our high-level accounts and will get it approved).
Squidoo: We will make a Squidoo lens with necessary images (reality free) and videos with your ordered article.
HubPages: We will make a HubPage for your business for free!
Web2: We will make a Web2 blog (with your back link) for your site.

You can also use these articles for your blog.

Price: 7.5$/article (Around 500 words).

Want some more? For an extra charge of $1, we will submit your article to ten more high PR article sites as well!

How much time will it take?
Usually, we deliver the article and the links made with the article within 3 business days EXCEPT Ezine articles. If you want to submit the article to Ezine, then it will take around 2 weeks for it to be approved, but we will send you the screenshot of the Ezine article submission, and you will receive continuous updates. Why does Ezine take more time? Although we have high-level accounts on Ezine, and it typically takes 2-3 days to get an article approved, sometimes an article is rejected. We will provide a free replacement, and will make sure that your article is approved in the end. To complete all of these processes, it may take around 2 weeks, but you can expect the article to be completed within 5-7 business days.


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